Oh, those worn-out words….

In my last blog posting (which I ask you to have read to understand this space’s title), I promised to do my humble bit to banish a couple of words from American use. At some point both should have been given a well-earned rest; now I believe they should be placed before a firing squad.

The first is…awesome. Pronounced in its most irritating fashion, it is usually heard as “ooaAWE-s’m!.” Awesome was once a perfectly respectable word, used to describe things that were truly awesome. Now that adjective is exhausted from its use to describe everything from bowling scores to bobsledding, and well beyond.

I express it this way: The bowling score was perfect. The bobsledding is thrilling. But really, only the Grand Canyon is ooaAWE-s’m!

Part 2: It’s highly possible that a lot of folks would be unable to speak, if the word LIKE were removed from their vocabulary. “It took, LIKE, a long time to get here.” “…and I was, LIKE, knocked out.” Questions from me are “Did it take a REALLY long time?, or just LIKE it?” “Were you ACTUALLY knocked out, or just LIKE it?” This seems to be less of a revival of wannabe Beatniks from the 1950’s (like Maynard G. Krebs, from the Dobie Gillis TV show), and more of a verbal tic, such as “aah” or “umm.” This version also has vague ties to Valley-Girl-speak, so ’nuff said.

Like is a nice word. I like like when used as (not like) it should be, as in “I like Ike.” I don’t like LIKE when it’s constantly tossed like a bunch of useless green twigs onto the conversational bonfire.

Whether or not you agree with me on all this tommyrot, thanks for being here and reading this far. The next chapter of Second-Floor View will follow sooner than this one did; hope you liked it.

It’ll be LIKE ooaAWE-s’m!!



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