Second-Floor Views

I’ve noticed that my age has improved my perspective. But while this evolution is true of almost all folks, my views must be somewhat exceptional, since I’ve also noticed that most folks now don’t have as many years of age as I. Plus, I’ve seen fit to pay keen attention to stuff going on, not only during my life, but in many years past. If that sounds a bit haughty I apologize. But, since I’m anything but a haughty guy you may want to stick around and follow my blog.

First-Floor Views tend to be rather flat and one-dimensional. They tend to breed statements such as “I’m always right and you’re wrong,” and “My way or the highway.” Third-Floor (and higher) Views have likely overwhelmed the observer into an inability to focus on any one thing. Up there it’s possible to see a car running a Stop sign with one eye, and a fist-fight with the other. 3+-FV’s seem given to begin many sentences with “In a perfect world….”

From the solid Second-Floor I promise you you’ll read ideas and observations on which we both agree, and (naturally) disagree. Either way, please feel free to respond with a comment, because I also promise you I’ll read ’em all. That’s another form of keen observation: Learning what youre thinking.

I hope to see you at least a second time. There’s a word or two that’ve fallen into common use that really bug me every time I hear them, and I’m pretty sure beating them up will draw comments!

Eric Ziegler 👁👂





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